Code White's CANBadger

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Introducing the CANBadger

The CANBadger is a tool for reverse-engineering and testing automotive systems. It has been developed by Javier and Ferdi at Code-White and was first presented at Blackhat Arsenal 2016, Defcon 24.

About the tool

The CANBadger has been developed to make car hacking easier and faster. At that point of time, existing tools were expensive and a lot of tools turned out to require a lot of configuration or modification. So instead, we wanted to make a cheap, open-source tool that anybody can afford, while enabling new attacks such as Man-in-the-Middle of live CAN traffic and the diagnostics security hijack. Furthermore, we wanted a tool that can run standalone, not yet another interface. The CANBadger consists of both hardware and software. The main interface is a LPC1768/LPC1769 processor mounted on a custom PCB, which offers two CAN interfaces, SD Card, a blinky LED, some GPIO pins, power supply for peripherals and the ethernet port. With the CANBadger Server, you can even control multiple ethernet-connected CANBadgers from your computer.

Project Structure

You can find the introductory slides and documentation here. For the sources of the CANBadger Server, refer to this repository.